Finding Your happy

Sunday was a very interesting day for me!!!  It started  off like my usual Sunday, I got up, got ready and went to Church. But the Message I heard really spoke to me on so many levels. My Pastor spoke about ” Finding your happy.”

I thought about everything  I had gone through in the past couple of months, and why I allowed things to affect me so much. It seemed like past hurt was preventing me from finding my happy. I had to question myself several times. Is it  that I can’t find my happy or or do I really want to be happy?

That question really scared me, I thought about several sayings and things I had heard over the years, and one saying that stuck in my mind was “that the negative things in life are so easy to believe.” While thinking about that I got angry!! Why do i let myself sulk in negativity, why do I let things and people that don’t deserve to be in my life affect me? How in the HELL can I find my HAPPY?

Finally it hit me, that in this life all I have is me. The only one other than my Parents I trust most in Life is God. But while I am on “Planet Earth,” All I have is me. And the only one responsible for my Happy is me!! I can no longer expect the pain and hurt caused by others to affect my happy! Happiness is created and maintained by ME!

So my question to all is how have you found your HAPPY?


3 thoughts on “Finding Your happy”

  1. Girl I am very glad I read this…It is just more confirmation for me to make a choice to fix my mind on things that brings me love,peace and joy.Although unhappiness is a temptation because we as people become so accustomed to the negative and scared of the positive,I am determined to find happiness. That true happiness I am seeking is only found in my Father God! Thanks again girlie for this word of encouragement and you know we are on this journey together! I’m so happy for you on this new endeavor,the best is yet to come!

  2. Jules! Nice job… I am so proud of you and most importantly I am so glad that you’ve directed your “extra energy” into something so much more positive! Love you always 😉

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