Today I met an older couple whose actions absolutely stunned me! A man and his wife were bickering about something, his wife yelled ” if you don’t SHUT UP! I”MA HIT YOU.” I was floored when I heard this come out of her.

This woman is about 5’4″ no more than 110 pounds. Her husband is probably two inches shorter than she is, with an estimated weight at 130. Her comment threw me so far off the radar, that I forgot the professional environment I was in, and I started laughing hysterically. But I was clearly not alone because she had another audience member who thought it was just as funny.

After her outburst, her husband laughed it off and decided to be quiet. By this point in time, I am thinking to myself “what is going on in the world? People are crazy!” My thoughts were immediately interrupted when I noticed him following his wife where ever she went. It was such a SAD sight! After she got through with her business, she stood about six feet away from the door and patiently waited. For the life of me, I could not figure out what this lady was waiting for until I saw her husband walk past her to open the door.

Now I am thinking to myself  “After castrating this MAN in front of people, you still expect him to be a gentleman?” I started to feel so bad for this old man. I wondered how horrible it can be, to be married to someone like that. However, that did not stop me from laughing. After this couple left, I immediately started to discuss what had just taken place, with someone else. And what I found out, made me SPEECHLESS. This lady does not only verbally abuse and belittle her husband, but she has also HIT him in public! My reaction once again was to laugh…..

It wasn’t until a few minutes before writing this blog, that I thought to myself how disrespectful!? If the roles were reversed and he spoke to his wife like that, someone would have probably called the POLICE! It is so sad to say, but our society condones this type of behavior.

Things of this nature should be equally weighed on both sides of the spectrum. Even though it is apparent that this man has tolerated this behavior for years, it is still unacceptable.I personally don’t think its fair that I even found it to be funny. I know that if I saw a woman being disrespected like that I would be completely enraged!

My question to you is how would you react to this situation?

………….and also How unfair do you think we really are in these situations?


3 thoughts on “SHUT UP”

  1. I guess you have to look at the circumstances of their relationship. Maybe they’ve been married so long that he just doesn’t care that she runs him. Maybe she’s going through menopause and it’s causing her to act like that. Either way it’s hilarious only with a older couple. Now a younger couple would be different. That would be sad not funny. Some men actually like when their wife of gf runs them more than likely because she reminds him of his mom. But sad to see some men’s backbones deteriorating away

  2. The problem with this situation is that you are looking at it from what you saw. Yes it is wrong and yes if the role were reversed this would have been a bigger case BUT at the same time, for a man to allow himself to be disrespected or belittled that much, something in the past may have taken place given this woman all the authority to treat him as such. All the same regardless of the situation, it is not right… Just pointing out that there’s always more than what the eye sees.

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