Addiction to the Crack

When I think about it, many bad relationships remind me of the addiction to Crack. From my observation… No one grows up dreaming of being a crack head. Sometimes the first trial of the drug comes from excessive partying, stress, peer pressure, or pure curiosity. This thought brings me to the analyzation, that most BAD relationships, also start from similar characteristics, such as peer pressure, the fear of not being alone, or simply PRESSURE from one side of the party involved in the relationship.

When two people initially start a relationship, it’s like a natural high, often known as the HONEYMOON stage. It seems as if nothing can go wrong, and you two are just perfect for each other. That HIGH could often be compared to the first high that an addict experiences with CRACK.

Other times, WHEN people form relationships, one party is never too sure about fully committing to the relationship, but after some time of convincing, lying to themselves, and the fear of not wanting to be alone, that person finds something in the other that they are very much attracted to, and uses that very attraction to convince themselves to be in the relationship. During the course of a relationship like this, one can end up LOVING the other in the relationship, but not so much LOVING of the ACTUAL relationship. This leads me to the question about loving someone or being in love with someone? Cause to me, when you are IN LOVE with someone, you also love the relationship.This can be compared to the addict who did not want to try the drug, but the constant thought about the idea of how it can relieve so much pain and stress, even if it is just for a MINUTE seems to outweigh COMMON sense.

During the course of a relationship like this, as many can expect, there are many make-ups and break-ups. The same with an addicts relationship with Crack. The addict knows that the drug is not good for them, but yet the constant chase of that high is worth a life full of DESTRUCTION. Many times addicts are on and off the drug, just like people in bad relationships. There are some people who can walk away and then there are others that just have to learn the HARD WAY. Most people who CAN’T seem to walk away from bad relationships, usually claim “oh we always get back together,” “Oh I always miss the person,” “Oh we need each other.” This is my response, have you EVER heard of WITHDRAWALS!!!!?

Crack addicts go through withdrawals when they are off the drug. Withdrawals are usually the instant pain reaction to no longer taking something that they are addicted TO. In bad relationships withdrawals during breakups would mean constantly and severely missing the other person.

However, this does not mean that CRACK is good!!!!!! THIS does not mean that you should continue your relationship with the drug! THIS just means that a cutoff from an addiction hurts, because of the HABIT!

Intense DRUG withdrawals last for a couple of days, and the addict’s erratic behavior calms down. The road to healing is NOT complete, but at least the road to ending a BAD RELATIONSHIP is ahead…Not many people seem to get this though….

My question to all… How many times have you been addicted to the CRACK? And have you ever overcome it?


5 thoughts on “Addiction to the Crack”

  1. I enjoyed this post very much. I’ve been addicted to crack twice and I’m proud to say that I kicked the habit! Yes,it was hard. Those withdrawals can really play tricks with your mind,but the key is determination. You have to stick with it. As time goes on, you’ll see why the relationship wasn’t a healthy one to begin with. You’ll also learn and rediscover things about yourself. These are the things that help you push forward and stay away from the addiction. Let’s face it, love isn’t everything. There are other qualities that build a healthy/successful relationship(respect, sharing the same morals,compromise,etc.).It can be daunting to think that the person you’re head over hills for isn’t the one you’re going to be walking down the isle to,but if everyone paid attention the red flags in the beginning,fewer people would end up with the wrong person.Needless to say, walking away from my addictions proved to be for the best. And can I add that no two addictions are the same. In all cases, walking away is the best thing to do.

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