Most of the time I write about the very experiences that I often encounter. However, my biggest issue at this moment is taking the time out to write my current story and not the stories of others.

My life is at a very awkward stage, where I happen to place myself or end up in very interesting positions or situations. I try my hardest to learn and move on, but being the very person that I am, it is so difficult for me to do exactly that. My best friend told me the other day, NELLY voice “U can’t supa save a hoe.” ¬†Though I thought it may have been the funniest comment in the world, it rang true in many ways. As I encounter so many scenarios in my life, instead of taking my lessons and running with it, I often stress about others in those scenarios who CAN”T run. I often begin to take on their burdens and try to get them to see the issues that they are avoiding at hand. My best friend who knows me very well, made that statement to make me realize that “sometimes you just can’t save others.” Which leads me to believe that maybe the reasons we encounter some situations are SIMPLY to help our selves. Knowing all of this, I sometimes still think to myself…. I am ¬†sure there is something else that I can do, there is something else I can say that has not already been said….then I say “JULIA, you can’t supa save a hoe.”

How many times have you often spoken the truth to yourself?

Throughout my life, I have not always made the best decisions, but I have always learned the most from my mistakes. I often ask myself,” why did I do that?” and, ” Why do I not regret it?” So at dinner, the other night, a very close friend of mine, began to vent about her life and situations she was not very fond of. Her frustration led her to make a very interesting statement…… ” We are FUCKED up people, who sometimes do FUCKED up things.” I thought to myself greatest quote of the day, it resonated so much truth!!

However, this quote did not make me justify all my wrongs in life, but it made me realize that I am human. By realizing that I am human, does not make me continue to sit in my mistakes, but it makes me learn to move on and it allows me to SUPA SAVE MYSELF!!

How often do we truly listen and save ourselves?


One thought on “SUPA SaVE WHO?”

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more! Concerning yourself with the illogical or immature actions of others regardless of the relationship that you have with that person is harmful to your own health. Stressing about things and people who don’t want to change or cannot be saved only upsets you in the long run. Simply offer your caring advice, give them support and move on with yours. It’s very hard to do depending on your level of compassion for them but after a few failed missions, you will find it easier to ignore the ‘S’ on your chest when it comes to them!

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