Failed lessons Learned

Often times I look around and try to analyze why some lessons are just so hard for me to learn. Constantly pondering on similar decisions that should not be an option, somehow, still finds a role to play in my mind. These decisions are usually mistakes that I should have learned from. So I start to think,  when are my FAILED LESSONS, finally going to be LEARNED?

Last Sunday in Church the pastor spoke about how we as humans put more on ourselves than we can actually bear. I contemplated on that phrase for a while and realized the truth in it. He also spoke about the devil tempting us with our own evil desires. When that was said I chuckled to myself because past experiences have proven that to be true.

Most things that I am tempted with in life are usually things that I have done and fully do not want to be rid off in my life. So that temptation always lingers on for long periods of time, because its something I actually still think about doing. After that analyzation it finally hit me! The reason I have not learned certain lessons are simply that I don’t want to. I have not put in the work and effort to leave bad immature behaviors in the past.

The pastor also spoke about maturity. He said the more one matures spiritually than newer temptations come into play. But if one is still being tempted by the same things in life than there has been no growth. These statements hit so close to home because I truly realized that there has been no growth in certain areas of my life.

I often find myself making the same mistakes, in different situations. So I asked myself again am I really willing to stop learning things the hard way? And when that question is PHRASED just as stated, my answer is pretty simple, YES. Oftentimes in life, it is really hard, to be honest with oneself and make the necessary steps to prevent continuous mistakes. But I have come to realize that months of hard work and effort put into making the right decisions, is way better than years of REGRET.

My question today is……What are some of your failed lessons Learned?


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