A Change Has Come with Damon Berry

I went to a concert last night, with some of my friends Alexandria and MO and we watched what I consider to be one of the best voices out there perform, Damon Berry, a Singer from Gary, Indiana. He blew my mind…Throughout his two hour performance, he took me back to my favorites, Barry White, Anita Baker and the lists went on. It seemed like I almost forgot how much music transcends the soul…

He performed different time eras and genres of music. When he got to the ninety’s my friend Alex whispered to me ” you can’t go there without some R Kelly!” My response ” YES!!!” Last night just happened to be magical, because he told stories of love, heartbreak, bump and grinds and struggle through the most passionate way, MUSIC! One of the best performance of the night was the rendition of FIRE and DESIRE, with his back up singer.

Need I tell you… they absolutely killed it!!!!!!! I left from that concert on a natural high. This guy was just AMAZING and his band THE MOVEMENT……. PHENOMENAL!!!!!!!! Damon ended his concert, with one of my favorite songs of all times, in my opinion, one of the best songs ever written..That song…A Change Is Gonna Come, by Sam Cooke…I mean this rendition of a Change, took me there…The lyrics to that song catches me every time, but his performance was the added bonus!!!!

I woke up this morning still thinking about last night and reciting the lyrics to A Change is Gonna Come…It really just brings me to a place of reflection every time! I have been going through it lately when it comes to finally letting hopeful love and hurt go..And it has truly been a process. It poses the question of why most women continue to pursue POTENTIALS instead of just accepting REALITY?I know that my testament to this is that I am always saying “maybe in a few years there will be a change,” but what I failed to realize is that I kept myself stuck in the process of wishful thinking and stuck in the past with a whole lot of POTENTIALS.

Last night for ME resonated, that a change HAS to come!!!!!!!!!!! I am just so grateful that I experienced, how raw talent and lyrics not only soothe my soul but also teaches me!

What songs have inspired your Change!?


3 thoughts on “A Change Has Come with Damon Berry”

  1. “A Change is Gonna Come” is definitely a life changer but my song that really made me think about my life would have to be “Hello Fear” by Kirk Franklin. When I heard that song, I cried. I cried thinking that all my life, I have not done certain things or passed up certain opportunities because of fear. I realized that I have allowed fear to control my life and that’s not a way to live. The lyrics were sticking to me like glue and I realized that I was not living my life, I was existing in it.

    After hearing that song, I promised myself that I would take chances and do what my heart desires bc I know that God put those desires in my heart. He gave me my dreams of success, happiness, and love. I just have to accept it, believe it, and move forward. “Moving Forward” is also another song that speaks to my soul. Definitely check that song out too.

  2. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart! You don’t know how much this blog alone has inspired me even more!!!!! When I say things like this it just reminds me more and more why I do what I do! Thank you again!

    Damon Berry! 🙂

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