WHY people Why?

I am completely baffled by the way we as African Americans are starting to think…I seriously just don’t understand exactly what we value anymore. I say WE because whether we like it or not, we are all a representation of each other. If you don’t believe me, think about it… If someone walks into a building and decides to act a fool, and I go into that same building  10 minutes later with a classy and demure attitude, how do you think I will be looked at? Let’s just say I will definitely have to work twice as hard to make a good impression. So my question is WHY people Why?

The reason for my seemingly harsh rant just comes from buildup frustrations. And I honestly think that this weekend topped it off. On Saturday I went to see Red Tails with my father, and to my surprise, it was a mixed audience, which I must say was very pleasant to see. But what I could not understand was why did this movie only make 19.1 million dollars this weekend? Yes, that was a higher opener than expected but my questions are still why? if it had been any other RETARDED movie, which I will digress from naming, I am so sure It would have made so much more money and there definitely would have been more black faces.

What is even sadder is that majority of the African Americans that were in the theater were older people…What happened to my young adults? Every day we want to say that oh we are not treated fairly….oh racism exists.Then there is a BLACK Film made with an ALL BLACK CAST depicting true BLACK HEROES and I barely see the young African American support!!! You would think that the history of so many sacrifices shown on screen, would be more appreciated. But had it been some SUPER  SIZE  PLUS BUFFOON character we would have all been there to support and quoting lines on our facebook, twitter, and every other social network. I’m

sorry people, but we got’s to do better!!!! Here is a line you can quote!!!! ” WE FIGHT!”


Did anyone go to the theaters this weekend? tell me what you think?


One thought on “WHY people Why?”

  1. Unfortunately, I have not yet gone to see the film because of my lack of a vehicle and funds. I asked someone last week if they went to see the film and they said yes. This person said that she saw a decent amount of young African Americans sitting in the seats and I was proud to hear that. I think that the lack of pride in our history or heritage within some young African Americans may be the answer to your question.

    When I was growing up, I was taught to take pride in my heritage, love my black brothers and sisters, and to also have respect for myself. I see people my age and younger acting otherwise. There are many factors as to why they CHOOSE to act this way. The main factor is EDUCATION. I’m not talking about education as far as school but I am talking about our parents, grandparents, and other family members as well as friends teaching the youth about their heritage and how to have honor and respect for it and themselves.

    We all know that mothers, fathers, and grandparents are becoming younger and younger. Most of them were not taught about their heritage and they are not teaching their children. It all starts when you’re a child because that’s when you are molded and shaped into the person you need to be. Most parents depend on the school system to teach African Americans about their history or heritage. American History books do not have everything about our heritage in them. There are many things that are not mentioned. For example, I did not know that African Americans invented so many things that we use everyday until my mother took me to the library and read to me.

    The point is many young African Americans are not knowledgeable about their heritage. Instead of trying to find out about themselves and where they come from, some rather listen to music that does not have a positive message, smoke weed, and ditch class and talk about young African Americans that actually do something positive with their time and lives. Because of this lack of knowledge some young African Americans will continue to be lost, confused, and unsure of who they really are. You don’t know who you are unless you know where you come from!

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