“Silence can be loud”

I heard one of the greatest quotes the other day while watching nothing other than Love and Hip Hop Atlanta ( don’t judge me).

K Michelle talked about how being lonely can lead to a loud silence. Even though she talked about this quote in reference to a relationship, I think this statement can be added to any time period in life. Most times people feel the most alone when they are chasing a dream that sometimes seems so out of reach.

Oftentimes, the only person, one can confide in, is oneself during that time. Being reclusive at such a trying time in one’s life comes out of fear or feeling like the world is going to think you are crazy for dreaming. As time and life have proven, no dream too big or small is out of reach, because the two things needed are perseverance and determination to keep going. During the moments when silence starts to become loud, dive into that dream, fantasize about reaching the finish line and turn that fantasy into comfort.

For dreams big or small, remember with everything in life, the race is not to the swift but to those that endureth to the end.  Turn the volume down on SILENCE and indulge into the work it takes to shut it up forever.


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