Dear Self

Looking back I am still in awe at it all. Still in awe at the transformation and realization of what self-love actually is. In awe at the fact that meaningless, painful, heart -wrenching and often times stupid so-called relationships were the designing instrument to this very moment. How on earth did I do it?

Self-love is what I needed and sometimes one does not really achieve it unless they go through the meaningless, painful, heart- wrenching stupid so-called relationships….Some was a lesson and some constant mistakes from which lessons were not learned.

You do know that sometimes some mistakes just don’t have to be made ……

So now I say to my self..

Dear Self, thank you for being honest and true

Dear Self, thank you for understanding the depth and pain that is due

Dear Self, thank you for realizing how far you have come

Dear self, thank you for knowing that the past is forever gone

Dear Self, thank you for allowing the lesson to linger on

for some mistakes are forever done

Dear Self this is what it feels like to finally know what self-worth, love, and meaning truly feels like  to live within

Dear Self it feels so good to know life lessons will forever breathe from me


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