FIND A JOB WITH AN OFFICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With this economy, yeah I don’t even know where to begin….. Even the young most innovative, intelligent and creatives are having problems!

It seems like almost every opportunity is grand, until you step in and realize it is NOT. Where do I start, I just recently jumped into an opportunity to work for a company whose  PRIMARY office was Starbucks. At the time it seemed off but hey it was an opportunity where I could be creative and work at my own free will and time. Yes, working from home is great, but make sure if something does happen you have a PHYSICAL office with other employees that you can visibly see to report to.

Shortly did I learn that this opportunity was way too good to be true and that fact that there was NO OFFICE …….YEAH…you guessed it SIGN # 1. Not only was there no office, but a crazy boss with fantasy goals, after 1 week I quickly realized that this was not the place for me. NO office and  COMMISSION PAY?!, hmmmmm I may be desperate but with that combination, I WILL KEEP LOOKING.. After politely resigning after one week, I kept asking myself, What in the world was the point of this experience, because in my anger and rage after a series of  CRAZY events, I really felt like I wasted MY LIFE.

But now I realize that this was an opportunity for me to learn, that one there are CRAZY PEOPLE in the world, two…There are so many personalities to deal with. Three, that in this world you just have to keep living and persevering after disappointments and time lost. When crazy opportunities present themselves in your life, cry it out, deal with it, and keep it moving.For all of you out there searching for your place in this world, DO YOURSELF ONE FAVOR, work for a company that has AN OFFICE!!!!

Keep up the fight and keep living. The only time one has NO option to move forward is when you are dead. As long as you have life, YOU HAVE THE FIGHT!


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