A Night with Ms Dubose!

By Julia Toles

A night with Ashley Dubose! Saturday night at the Cabooze, Ashley shy fully, charmingly, and gracefully transition her way through original songs and covers during her live performance. With a voice so unique, this phenomenon is effortless when performing.  Humbly engaging with the crowd it is truly hard for one to not to fall in love with her music.  Her voice is reminisce of Corrine Bailey and style and influence of Lauryn Hill.  Her personal style is earthy, Afro centric, and free which is a fitting representation of her Music.  Her band is seemingly diverse and talented; they were able to play any requests from the audience on queue.  Actively listening and moving to the rhythm one could easily forget they were standing during her entire set.

After enjoying her show, I wanted more of Ashley. So I popped in her C.D on my way home, and quickly I was taken through a journey of prayer, love, hope and strength. Her first Track Dear Lord quickly opens the heart and mind to reflection desire, strength and promise. The C.D. smoothly transitions through tracks, like Something More; I want love, Lose a Good Thing; Die Tomorrow, Life Goes On, Guilty; Light Switch, Memories, Forever and Touch the Sky. The sultriness of her voice and intricate blend of hip hop and soulful sound in her voice and beats, one truly can’t go wrong with this young lady. With her leading Song (Life Goes On) in rotation Ms Dubose is definitely giving listeners something more.


One thought on “A Night with Ms Dubose!”

  1. I’d never heard her until I read this post. AMAZINGLY INCREDIBLE voice, damn! Diggin’ it and listening to more. Thanks for the introduction to this amazing woman – bonus, she’s from MN.

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