Been a While

Oh wow! I cant believe its been this long since I have written, However, it feels so great to be back.

A lot has changed since my last post new city, new job, new friends and just all around an amazing time. To be quite honest before I moved to this new city, quite frankly COLD city, known as Minneapolis, I cried the whole drive here. I kept thinking to myself, I am absolutely going to hate this place. I mean quite frankly I call it (Bumafuck) Minnesota for crying out loud. But boy oh boy was I wrong. It was by far the best decision I have ever made. Minneapolis represents so many things for me like strength, perseverance, dedication and hard work.

Before coming here I had this self entitled attitude since graduating college. I figured  that I had prepared myself for everything I wanted to do and because I did the preparation, I was entitled to any job I wanted. Oh how I deceived myself. Reality taught  me very quickly that life does not work that way. That $150k I assumed I would be make at 25 (yeah you heard be right, $150k) just does not come that easily and for most people not even in a life time. For 1 year I was unemployed and determined to do things my way. I cant even begin to lie, that 1 year was by far the toughest, most gut wrenching time I had ever experienced. I had never felt so rejected in my life! I was even rejected from jobs I did not really want but only applied to because I needed the money at some point.

It weighed so heavily on my self esteem, that it truly  affected every aspect of my life, including friendships and relationships. I was by far the worst friend and girlfriend to have at that point. Because I felt so rejected for a job ( yep a job) I took that rejection into every aspect of my world. If I did not have this career I dreamt about than there is no way I could be good enough friend or a good girlfriend at that time. Talk about how self esteem can truly be a bitch. The fun, carefree, amazing, loving me, was becoming someone I did not even realize.

So here I am jobless, insecure, angry and moving to (Bumbafuck Minnesota)! At this point I really knew my life was over, but at that point i figured it could not get any worse. So I came and set these ridiculous goals for myself. Thank God I was able to accomplish them. I set a plan for myself, knew exactly what company I wanted to work for and did everything to prepare myself for the opportunity when it came.

First thing I did was google radio stations, apply to a few, ended up interning for one and started the path of preparation after being here for only two weeks. I worked at that station for about 4 months for FREE. I interviewed artists, wrote articles, wrote ad skits, did a radio show, I mean any opportunity I could get my hands on I did to prepare for that company and role I so badly wanted.

When the opportunity presented itself I was prepared. I learned a long time ago that if you want something in life you must be prepared, for you never know when that opportunity will come knocking and the last thing you want to be is unprepared.

I share this time in my life to say that regardless of how bad a time is in your life, whatever you want, you can get. No dream too big or small is out of reach, however, lets remember to always dream big!! Its simply all about positioning yourself and working hard towards getting whatever you want. I also say this to say that change sometimes is the best option, don’t ever be afraid of change. I may not be making the money I thought I would make at this age, but dammit I am on the way.

I can honestly say looking back, Im quite happy ish was tough, because it really showed me the strength I have. There are many posts on this very blog that I wrote to inspire me and someone else about those times and if I can get through it, you definitely can.

I also learned that a career or a job does not define me, and i learned moving forward that I will not ever let tough moments  to affect my world in that capacity again. Those times taught me one major lesson and that is I define my own happy and regardless of anytime in my life, I choose how to deal with it.


2 thoughts on “Been a While”

  1. I’m so happy that everything is working out in Minneapolis. It’s the tough times in our lives that show us how strong, brave and resilient we truly are. Nothing is the same once you’ve been at your lowest and THAT is a good thing.

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