The Journey Continues

The journey of trying to figure it all out is one thing that adamantly drives me crazy. I have realized that time and time again I write about solutions to find my happy, solutions for you to find your happy and yet day in a day out I realize that I am not fully enjoying the moment.. That moment I speak of  is life. So no more, am I going to invest so much time and energy in trying to figure it all out. The truth of the matter is that no matter how hard I wreck my brain, I can never truly  know what tomorrow will bring, all I can do is prepare myself as much as possible for the future I hope to see.

Today I read an article titled (22 habits of unhappy people) and I must say it was pretty accurate. I am the first to admit that I have been in that space before and several things applied to me. I feel that the first step to the problem is obviously admitting that I have the problem. Some parts of that article to be quite honest was hard to read, but refreshing at the same time, because in order to make a change you often time have to hold up a mirror to truly see who you are.

I have personally decided that to achieve my happy is to socialize more, worry less, read, write and truly appreciate the world as I know it around me. So far so good, but the journey to self and happiness is a daily process.

One tip that I would like to share from that article is to find a Hobby, the article states “Hobbies are activities that you can become passionate about.  Hobbies are something that you can do when you have three hours of free time on a Thursday night.  Hobbies are skills that could potentially earn you money if you become good enough at them.”

Find a hobby people, I have heard it time and time again, so it definitely rings truth. One of my favorite hobbies is to write, yet I don’t do it as often as I should. Therefore don’t be fooled into thinking that all hobbies come naturally without discipline. You will realize that often times the most enjoyable hobby requires discipline, so definitely don’t shy away from it due to laziness.

Also I have learned to set monthly goals for myself and the first one is to read at least two books a month! Wish me luck!! How is the process in your journey going?


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