Process of Self Discovery and Center!

The Process to self-discovery?!!!!!! so trying, difficult, happy, time-consuming and laughs filled!!!!But when searching for that center consistently, By seeking God first, even while going through it, it’s truly self-rewarding! Continue reading “Process of Self Discovery and Center!”


Sex and Marriage

The other day, I watched Bethenny Ever After, and on this particular episode, she introduced how tough the second year of marriage can be. One statement she made which struck a cord was that having sex three times a week was EXCESSIVE. I chuckled when I saw this because I kept thinking about the word “excessive.” Now I will be very real for a second, after listening to many married couples over the years, sex is definitely not a determining factor or the focal point of a marriage, however, it is the fun and often spontaneous aspect that most people wish to share, without guilt when they do get married. So three times a week is “excessive” pretty much shocked me. Being the person that I am, my curiosity ran wild and I decided to do some research, to figure out if that statement rang true in most marriages. I asked several married people and let’s just say it was a pretty accurate statement. The conversations however led into a much more in-depth discussion. Continue reading “Sex and Marriage”

WHY people Why?

I am completely baffled by the way we as African Americans are starting to think…I seriously just don’t understand exactly what we value anymore. I say WE because whether we like it or not, we are all a representation of each other. If you don’t believe me, think about it… If someone walks into a building and decides to act a fool, and I go into that same building  10 minutes later with a classy and demure attitude, how do you think I will be looked at? Let’s just say I will definitely have to work twice as hard to make a good impression. So my question is WHY people Why? Continue reading “WHY people Why?”

A Change Has Come with Damon Berry

I went to a concert last night, with some of my friends Alexandria and MO and we watched what I consider to be one of the best voices out there perform, Damon Berry, a Singer from Gary, Indiana. He blew my mind…Throughout his two hour performance, he took me back to my favorites, Barry White, Anita Baker and the lists went on. It seemed like I almost forgot how much music transcends the soul… Continue reading “A Change Has Come with Damon Berry”

Failed lessons Learned

Often times I look around and try to analyze why some lessons are just so hard for me to learn. Constantly pondering on similar decisions that should not be an option, somehow, still finds a role to play in my mind. These decisions are usually mistakes that I should have learned from. So I start to think,  when are my FAILED LESSONS, finally going to be LEARNED? Continue reading “Failed lessons Learned”


A couple of days ago my best friend and I had another flooring yet much-needed conversation. She told me about an article she read, which discussed how races were classified. In the article, blacks were classified as just that BLACK! The statistic left an interesting sour taste in her mouth. She wondered what exactly is black? She posed the question, “apart from me coming from an African descent, what else am I composed of?” When she thinks about her heritage, she can only trace back to Mississippi, but she knows if she dug further, she would find some Asian, American Indian, and other stuff that may eventually shock her. Continue reading “BLACK WHO”


Trying to discover my place in this world, leaves the constant thought of  trying to figure out how many words are left in my love letter?

How much time do I have to make a difference in that child’s life? How much time do I  have to put a smile on that mother, brother, sister, father, or friends face. Listening to music and hearing the sincerity and emotions in a love song melody makes me hummm that unfinished love song to to my letter; while still leaving the burning question of what my  actual love letter  is to the world? I know God placed me here for a reason….what is my purpose? I find that MY  comfort comes the most through self expression, As I share my stories that fulfill my diary or the stories of others..I pray that I speak, empathize or help someone reading …..My mistakes and road in this journey makes me realize how interconnected we all are. As I embark on my walk of life , I hope my Love letter not only transforms me but transcends a good impression on you along the way……

WRITING…. is my love letter, love song, and lingering sensation of that melody playing to the world..

What is your love letter?