Addiction to the Crack

When I think about it, many bad relationships remind me of the addiction to Crack. From my observation… No one grows up dreaming of being a crack head. Sometimes the first trial of the drug comes from excessive partying, stress, peer pressure, or pure curiosity. This thought brings me to the analyzation, that most BAD relationships, also start from similar characteristics, such as peer pressure, the fear of not being alone, or simply PRESSURE from one side of the party involved in the relationship. Continue reading “Addiction to the Crack”

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“No Cable”

The other day I had a very interesting conversation with an entertaining young man. He had a beautiful little girl with him, and I was amazed by how gorgeous she was. When the opportunity presented itself for me to speak with him, I bragged about her beauty. I proceeded to ask him if she was his only child? He chuckled and then replied, ” I have three kids under the ages of 3.” That answer took me by surprise, and my facial expression would not allow me to hide my reaction. I must say, I was completely shocked. The shock value that I felt led me to my second question, ” What were you guys doing?” His response ” NO CABLE.” At this point, I could have rolled on the floor laughing. It had to have been one of the funniest things I had ever heard. At that moment series of questions and thoughts began to populate my mind. When I could finally compose myself, I asked him if he was married? Continue reading ““No Cable””

“Im not going to sit here and keep dreaming of being a strong black woman, with a strong black man and having beautiful black babies!”

That was the subject and core center of a text message that I received from one of my closest friends the other morning. While reading this text message I chuckled many times because I could hear the frustration in her voice. During the duration of the conversation, I started to think, why is that most “black women” always feel that it is a RIGHT or somewhat of a BLESSING to marry a BLACK MAN? Continue reading ““Im not going to sit here and keep dreaming of being a strong black woman, with a strong black man and having beautiful black babies!””