Fearlessness To Be Honest

Today I had an interesting conversation with a very good friend of mine. To be quite honest the residual effect of that conversation continued to plague me until I picked up my laptop at this very moment and  started to hit the keys. The problem for most people and I mean people I interact with daily is the path to true self acceptance.

Often times depending on how we  were raised and  those experiences we phased in our formative years, those situations tend to  have a tremendous impact on our adult lives. We often find ourselves making decisions that will impact us negatively, yet still going through with them and wondering why, when the result is not in our favor. The challenge than becomes how do we deal with those situations that impacted our formative years so gravely in our now adult days.

Im not really sure if there is a clear rooted answer for that. However, one thing I am sure of is that in order to deal with those issues head on you can start by forming a relationship with God through your faith and the other way is to truly ask those questions that even you CAN”T stand to hear the answer. That question where,  when you look in the mirror, your own reflection scares you. That question where you voice and heart skips a beat when you finally answer it. That is the first step to self acceptance, The fearlessness to be honest.

Regardless of what you are facing, remember the journey continues. Im not sure what your battle is, but it is nothing that someone else has not over come before you.


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