“No Cable”

The other day I had a very interesting conversation with an entertaining young man. He had a beautiful little girl with him, and I was amazed by how gorgeous she was. When the opportunity presented itself for me to speak with him, I bragged about her beauty. I proceeded to ask him if she was his only child? He chuckled and then replied, ” I have three kids under the ages of 3.” That answer took me by surprise, and my facial expression would not allow me to hide my reaction. I must say, I was completely shocked. The shock value that I felt led me to my second question, ” What were you guys doing?” His response ” NO CABLE.” At this point, I could have rolled on the floor laughing. It had to have been one of the funniest things I had ever heard. At that moment series of questions and thoughts began to populate my mind. When I could finally compose myself, I asked him if he was married?

He told me that he was not married because his girlfriend is too jealous. My immediate response was, “you have three kids by a woman, that you do not plan on marrying because of her jealousy? and this is something you knew before impregnating her?” He responded “yes.” He also said, “I will marry her, she just has to change, and if the world does not end in 2012, then I definitely have to.” This response led to laughter and sadness all at the same time.

I kept thinking to myself, this girl was pregnant for like four years straight! ” That is deep!!!” But apart from that, the main issue at hand is how many people actually live their lives like this? This young man could not have been more than 25 years old and already he has to become a MAN and raise a family. The saddest part of it all is that he does not even nowhere to begin. Humorous conversation, but the lack of respect for the mother of his children and signifying that the reason he brought his children into the world was out of boredom, continued to leave me in awe.

Several things stuck out to me in this conversation.

1-allowing oneself to forever be connected to another without fully planning on committing.

2- The lack of self-respect of oneself which hinders the proper growth and established an environment for the children to reap many benefits.

………………and finally allowing oneself to build life bonds with a person who’s flawed one will never accept.

My question to all is how many of us actually make DUMB decisions based on NO CABLE?


6 thoughts on ““No Cable””

  1. Great post J. This guy is obviously just in a very complacent and comfortable state. He’s playing house and she’s allowing it. She’s devoted herself to him but apparently she is too scared to ask the same of him. A man who is comfortable will go along on that comfortable ride until kingdom come. It’s up to her to step on the brakes.

  2. Wait a minute! Hold up Philip the Great! Are you serious? Did you just say that she’s “allowing it” and it’s “up to her to step on the brakes?”
    How about HE needs to stop being a disrespectful little punk and make up HIS mind.
    Why do women have to do all of the work all of the time? It’s not that hard. You either love and respect someone and you want to be with them or you don’t.
    Regardless of what she does, says or insists, he is going to do what he wants to do.
    People can’t control each other. It’s time people start being responsible for their actions.
    Obviously, these two live together. They also have three kids hanging in the balance. I’m sure it’s not that easy for either of them to just walk away. They’ve built a life together and that’s probably the reason why they’re still together.
    I agree that the guy is comfortable and I do think she may need to look elsewhere. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be with a guy that has three kids by the time he’s 25. And I know there are a lot of men who don’t want to play stepdaddy to three toddlers at such an early age.
    Let’s be for real. There is more to the situation than what meets the eye.

  3. “No Cable” is a situation a lot of us face ..I decided not to get cable doing my 1st yr of grad school to “focus on my studies but the text messages from “irrelevant” females wanting to “chill” was more of a distraction cuz I could’ve been perfectly fine watching NBA games during my down time but I was weak and responded to those text messages which led to bigger distractions that lasted longer than any NBA game/Espn I would’ve watched if I had cable smh. Yes I was weak n dost ignore those messages but point is when ur bored u need a get away ..Let’s advocate for free cable not that dtv crap cuz sports games might be the only way to keep most men like myself entertained enough to ignore a “thirsty” text or call lmao. I’m sure if “this guy had free cable he wouldn’t be in the current situation he is. Ok that was probaly a reach but ur friend should’ve known to use protection or birth control ..If u are not into her and not ready for kids ..take the NECESSARY precautions and don’t get her pregnant !

  4. Wow No cable. Nicely written. As 4 the guy its just incane. But that’s like people just date and stick in relationships cause they don’t want τ̅☺ be bored.

  5. This guy is clearly ignorant. This blog is hilarious and sad at the same time. It’s so sad that children were brought into this world because of pure boredom. What’s even worse is that he’s not the only one doing this. Women and men need to have more respect for themselves and their bodies. If everyone had more respect and self love for themselves, we probably wouldn’t have so many baby momma’s and daddies. I hope that he eventually grows up and make smarter decisions for his family.

  6. Hilarious post J,you just had to be the inquisitive person you always are and ask this totally random person ‘what you guys were doing’.Totally funny answer too,i laughed my head off!!NO CABLE…LMAO!!!!

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