Trying to discover my place in this world, leaves the constant thought of  trying to figure out how many words are left in my love letter?

How much time do I have to make a difference in that child’s life? How much time do I  have to put a smile on that mother, brother, sister, father, or friends face. Listening to music and hearing the sincerity and emotions in a love song melody makes me hummm that unfinished love song to to my letter; while still leaving the burning question of what my  actual love letter  is to the world? I know God placed me here for a reason….what is my purpose? I find that MY  comfort comes the most through self expression, As I share my stories that fulfill my diary or the stories of others..I pray that I speak, empathize or help someone reading …..My mistakes and road in this journey makes me realize how interconnected we all are. As I embark on my walk of life , I hope my Love letter not only transforms me but transcends a good impression on you along the way……

WRITING…. is my love letter, love song, and lingering sensation of that melody playing to the world..

What is your love letter?


One thought on “LOVE LETTER”

  1. Love your thoughts on this one. Your Love Letter will continue to be a positive aspect on not only your life but on the lives of others.

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