A couple of days ago my best friend and I had another flooring yet much-needed conversation. She told me about an article she read, which discussed how races were classified. In the article, blacks were classified as just that BLACK! The statistic left an interesting sour taste in her mouth. She wondered what exactly is black? She posed the question, “apart from me coming from an African descent, what else am I composed of?” When she thinks about her heritage, she can only trace back to Mississippi, but she knows if she dug further, she would find some Asian, American Indian, and other stuff that may eventually shock her.

Her inquiry led me down memory lane, which reflected on some of the topics I have discussed previously, which contained some of the same elements in the question she posed. What exactly is black, being black, or black who?

I am a first generation African American. I can easily trace my roots to Liberia, that’s where my parents are from, and that is where I spent most of my childhood. Liberia is my identity and its culture is what I can relate to. During our discussion, we talked about how many Black Americans do not identify themselves as African Americans but as BLACK AMERICANS. Yes, history has proven that Africans were brought over here as slaves, but that separation and years of rape has killed a race who has become very discombobulated with it’s on Identity. So the thought does make me wonder…BLACK WHO?

Blacks are of African descent, but what else? We all know that the mixture over the years from rape has hindered the very identity. Usually, this is a tough subject to tackle, but I can completely empathize with my best friend or anyone else that may feel this way. Saying that someone is from Africa is very broad since for one, it is a Continent. What country in Africa and how can anyone really relate to a country they know nothing about?

The lack of identity has not only hindered the culture, but also the family structure and the way “ Black “ families are being brought up today. This makes me ponder on how the loss of identity has affected generation after generation. Just a thought, but I often wonder how the loss of Identity led to the absence of Black fathers in the home?

I don’t remember the exact scripture in the Bible, but I have heard, and read that when a father is absent in the home, who really teaches the children about God? To be honest, when I look around this world I see how that very analysis is true. Therefore the loss of identity leads to the loss of God, which leads to the loss of discipline, progress, and culture. Every time I look around I see “Blacks” whose motivation to succeed demolishes daily, the concept of family demoralized, and the quest to identify with something, whether it’s intentional or not deteriorates the IDENTITY even further.

This has led me to pose once again…BLACK WHO?


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