Not Yet My Turn

I look to the sky and I keep asking why me? As I tirelessly search for my dream. That dream, that I dream through the day and through the night. I wonder when will it be my turn… I have all these ideas roaming through my mind, a piece of my most treasured art sitting on a drive…waiting to be seen..I ask when as I search for my diminishing faith to build me up and remain. Where do I turn?

Cause the funds are still in need. As I struggle with faith to make ends meet in the last second I know that God still has my back. As I see the success of the others that envious spirits tries to creep out but I tell myself it’s not yet my time, and every day I put that pray into effect, I find myself being happier for others. I know that God still has my back… I just ask when will it be my turn? So I listen to music and rape my keyboard knowing it’s not yet my turn.

To all those that feel the same, your time may not be here…however when you do  get there, the place when all your dreams have come true, remember that love does not come without tragedy, success cant be attained without failures, embrace the struggles now because that moment will be so much sweeter.


One thought on “Not Yet My Turn”

  1. Beautifully written! Your words are the innermost thoughts of everyone at some point in their lives. Love doesn’t come without tragedy and the path to success isn’t truly appreciated without failure. The harder the struggle the sweeter the reward! I often ask myself why me or why not me when I look into others lives but I know everyone’s journey is separate and unique. Hang in there Love because He does have your back!

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